Bluish Moon. #iphoneography #Bluemoon


After the rain, a walk in the clouds.

I admit it. I and a fog fan, a fan of the fog. It adds an other worldly dimension to the landscape. It wraps the world in mystery. If you are above it it looks like a white carpet covering the valleys after a rain. That is where I find myself today. Half an hour after some very hard rains,the cooler temperature causes this blanket of white to rise from below until it creeps across the world for a while. Then it’s gone. As fast as a summer breeze, it’s blown away.  

When the big and fluffy guy says it’s time for a ride you get the keys. Everyone deserves some wind on their face from time to time.

Whenever I carry my bags to the car he gets so excited running around and jumping. He thinks it Is time to go for a ride.  See, he once went to work everyday where he was a prince in the office, and loved the attention.  Even though he is now a homebody, he still likes to go for a ride every now an then to feel the wind in his face.  His name is Kudluk, and he is a good bud.